The Naturopath

The Naturopath
Gifts at Bay Area Brain Spa

Bay Area Brain Spa

Address 1496 Solano Ave, Berkeley CA 94706

Phone (510) 338-4645

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Business Description Bay Area Brain Spa offers neurofeedback and other cutting edge technologies that help you optimize your brain, reset your nervous system, detoxify, recover, de-stress, boost your immune system, and perform better!

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Gifts at Berkeley Deep Sports Massage

Berkeley Deep Sports Massage

Address 2822 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley CA 94702

Phone (510) 473-2652

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Business Description Berkeley Deep Tissue Sports Massage. For people who think a good massage should hurt a little bit.

Holiday Promotion Most of us don’t need more stuff, but everyone could use a good deep massage. A gift certificate for a deep tissue sports massage is a perfect gift.

Gifts at Metta Traditional Thai Massage

Metta Traditional Thai Massage

Address 727 San Pablo Ave. Suite 102AB, Berkeley CA 94706

Phone (510) 525-2826

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Business Description Metta Traditional Thai Massage is an exceptional massage service in the East Bay providing a superior Thai massage service to bring healing, love, and joy to all people in the community.

Holiday Promotion When you’re supporting a small business, you’re supporting a dream. Gift certificates and prepaid programs are available, please call us at 510-525-2826.

Gifts at Prins Chiropractic

Prins Chiropractic

Address 1308 Solano Avenue, Berkeley CA 94706

Phone (510) 526-6243

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Business Description One stop shop for Health and Movement

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Gifts at Sara Sunstein

Sara Sunstein

Address 2315 Prince St, Berkeley CA 94705

Phone (510) 526-5414

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Business Description Enjoy integrative bodywork that can quickly release pain and tension, yet is nonetheless gentle. Using Ortho-Bionomy® and somatic therapy, I help your body remember its innate resilience, so that pain relief, relaxation, and a sense of well-being naturally arise from within.

Holiday Promotion Gift certificates for $100 for hour session. (Regular fee is $140.)

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